Bank of America

Downtown Orlando’s most recognized buildings in the city proud skyline is The Bank of America Building standing at 404 feet. Its 10 gothic spires are illuminated by Impact lightings Pinnacle Spotlight Fixtures and its towering walls are illuminated with high intensity Color changing and white Ultra Wall Washers. Most exciting is the color changing FlexLed Neon highlighting the perimeter of the buildings top three tiers that can be seen from miles away changing color for special occasions, sporting events and holidays. Thanks to the vision of Impact Lighting’s design team and the fearless installers who repelled the massive buildings walls, This building will continue to highlight Orlando's skyline making it a unique focal point for many years to come.

  • Client:JLL
  • Year:2019
  • Location:Orlando, Florida
  • Categories:Commercial Architectural Lighing

2012, Residential Project, Denmark

2009, Custom Project, Switzerland