Fiber Optic Lighting

Impact Lighting's Fiber Optic Lighting Product line is comprised of Fiber Optic Cable, Illuminators and Controllers that together are used for sturdy applications for residential and commercial architecture as well as pool and spa perimeter lighting.

Impact Lighting's Fiber Optic Cable and illuminators are made in The USA in our facility.

Fiber optic lighting uses optical fiber as a “light pipe,” transmitting light from a source through the fiber to a remote location. The light may be emitted from the end of the fiber creating a small spotlight effect (also called “end glow”) or emitted from the outside of the fiber along its length resembling a neon or fluorescent tube (also called “side glow”).

Perfect for pool builders and designers who need reliable lighting and control systems for outdoor and wet areas.

The light source for fiber optic cable is refered to as a “fiber optic illuminator” which is a bright light source that often contains optics that efficiently focus light into the fiber. Impact Lighting manufactures a variety of lightsources made for designer indoor and outdoor use.

key features
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and energy efficient
  • Easilty Maintained
  • Heat Free Lighting
  • Outdoor Rated
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