LED Illuminated Extrusions

Impact Lighting's Aluminum Extrusion Product Line is comprosed of LED profiles and extrusions that are designed to house LED strip or "tape" lights and used for applications in interior design, residential and commercial architecture, furniture, industrial design, shop displays and exhibits.

Made from high quality aluminum, our extrusions provide a stylish and finished look for interior and exterior applications.

There is an extrusion for every application, from floors and walls, cabinets and closets, kitchens, stairs walls and ceilings. The alternative to traditional light fixtures. Extrustions take up less room that most traditional lighting and can be angeled to cast light in many directions and angles and can be cut and fitted to any custom application.

key features
  • Consumes only a quarter of the energy that is required by an incandescent bulb
  • 50% more effective because they provide a higher level of conductivity.
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes and profiles for multiple applications.
  • Perfect for designer applications
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