3-D modular wall surfacing system that works in multiples to create a continuous, sculptural lighted wall.

Impact Lighting's Galaxy Panels interlock ensuring panel-to-panel alignment. Repeating panels accommodate all size walls and can be trimmed on-site for a custom fit. Panel sizes range from 2 feet to 8 feet with custom sizes available.
Our GALAXY SYSTEM DESIGN is creative simplicity playing on form, color and light and can be applied in many applications using LED Lighting with color changing modes to suit any mood and atmosphere.


  • Standard and custom panel designs
  • Durable and lightweight expanded PVC foam board
  • Variety of LED colors available
  • Dimmable (optional)
  • Color Changing Capability (optional)
  • Works with stand alone controllers and power supplies
    (Optional controllers and power supplies available)

    Application: Galaxy Panels are used in hospitality and reidential applications.

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